Sunday,  July  19th

Family Movie Night

Friday,  July  17th

Evening @ Milano

Have you  ever wanted to  try your  hand at stand-up or improv comedy?  Then contact us!  Limaland Comedy  houses  comedians from across  the country who  are willing to help you get started in comedy as a career

or a hobby.  Ask about our open mics, too! 

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Limaland Comedy is a unique organization. Our primary goal is to provide humor to Northwest Ohio.  Whether it's family

friendly comedy  or a night of outrageous  hilarity, Limaland Comedy  is here  for the community in  a wildly original way.

Corporate Events

Limaland  Comedy  takes  pride  in  providing stand-up  comedians  and improv  comics for fundraising events.  Usually, our large pool of comedians  will perform for  charitable events

to no  charge to you.  However, some certain circumstances may require accommodations.

If you're looking for entertainment for your next  corporate  event, private function or family reunion  then  Limaland Comedy is

what you need!  We provide  professional 

comics for  any budget  and a memorable

night  of  laughter  you won't  soon forget!

Professional Comics

Thursday July 16th

‚ÄčLima  Holiday  Inn

Improv Shows